Monday, August 30, 2010

Another card

This is Katie's birthday card...her birthday isn't till November 1st but I am glad to have things done till that point. I love these pop up cards from I have done some Halloween cards with these as well. We, Larry, Katie and I, are bowlers. So I thought some nice bowling embelishments would be fitting. The envelope is birthday paper but I folded it inside out..somthing different. Of course the American Craft Glitter Paper is from Kim at Cutter's Creek.


Well I promised I would get in the craft room, and take some pictures of some of the cards I have been working on.

First up is TJ and Lisa's (son and daughter in law) 1st anniversary card. This is the Celtic Knot paper I was looking so hard for after I made the card. I had forgotten I was planning on using this paper in their wedding album. They found an old Celtic tradition called Binding of the Hands. I wanted to use this paper for that page. Well thanks to some great crafts searching, (thank you Kim and Kristal) the paper was found on eBay and I now have 5 sheets...had to have room for error and well extra paper is always nice.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Kitten

As if 5 cats weren't enough, we have yet another black female. She is a little one...only 5 weeks old. Her mom wasn't feeding her well at all. So we are hand feeding her. We have named her Angel.

Now we have
Black Female cats
Missy 10
Shadow 8
Olive 5
Lucky 1
Angel 5 weeks
White Male
Rocky 1

I'd say no more...but tell that to Larry

Happy Birthday TJ

Today is my son, TJ's, birthday. He is 27!! I thought I had taken pictures of his birthday card, but if I did they are hiding.

Tomorrow I will be back in the craft room after a weekend break. I am so used to Larry working on Saturdays. And well today has been a tv day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School Card

I made this Back to School card for my daughter, who started at Auburn University Wednesday (on a full ride). The file is from KAndrew at I have done the apple (isn't it the cutest...heart yet an apple) with American Craft Glitter Paper, that was purchased at http:// I tried to go with a chalkboard effect on the front and it didn't turn out quite like I had planned. I had in chalk written A B C, 1+1=2, dog and cat on there and it didn't look good at all. So I erased it which really gives the chalkboard effect to it. Than I used paint pen and wrote 'are now college days' on it. Not the neatest there is but she will like it.
KAndrew has some of the greatest files I have seen. Wonderful to work with. And videos?? She does wonderful videos!! Please stop by and check her blog out. She has something for everyone.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Been a while

Sorry I haven't posted more often. I am doing well. Start PT Thursday to help strenghten my back and hopefully need fewer pain pills.

I have been in the craft room a lot. I have my son's birthday card done and all my Halloween cards. I started working on a card for Kelly for her first day of college. Opps she starts tomorrow...a little late.

I had to stop work on that to make sympathy cards. You would think by now I would have 1 or 2 on hand...maybe I will after today.

I also have been working on Halloween items to go on a grape vine wreath. I had seen one for fall and thought great idea. We don't decorate around here for the holidays and they are really just another day for us. But a wreath on the front door would be nice. I figure I can change it out as the holidays and season go by.

Well back to crafting, the Cricut just stopped cutting. :)