Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fiskateer Sensational State Swap Part 2

If you haven't become a Fiskateer, what are you waiting for!!  Ok so you are saying what is a Fiskateer?  Well it could have to do with my maiden name, Fisk, but it doesn't.  A Fiskateer is someone who loves and uses Fiskar products.  To become a Fiskateer you need to go contact one of the Lead Fiskateers.  They will ask you some super secret questions and then they will consider your membership to become a Fiskateer ambassador. 

Now as a Fiskateer, you can visit a wonderful online community.  Chat, ask others about Fiskar products plus there are swaps.  Now you know I love ATC swaps!!  So this is one my go to communities to take part  in ATC Swaps. 

Now back in October we did Sensational State ATC Swap in October.  Now its time for Part 2.  I did Virginia in Part 1 and since Pennslyvania was taken I did Alabama.  I did this one a little differnt that usual.  It is actually a mini card.  It opens and there is more information inside. 

Now it isn't to late to join the swap.  There are still 2 unclaimed states.  So if you aren't a Fiskateer, hop to do it and join the swap!!

Hugs, love and prayers

Friday, December 16, 2011

Crafter's Digital Art Center Progressive Challenge 9-1

Round 9
1st Project

We're in Round 9 of Crafter's Digital Art Center Progressive Challenge.  This round has been extended due to Christmas.  This round will end January 14, 2012. 

Let me take a moment to explain CDAC's PC.  Way back at round 1 we were given a set of FREE images.  Make a project from any of those images, use Linkz to add your projects to the challenge page, and when it is time for round 2 a new set of images were sent to you.  And so on and so on.  Now if you haven't done the round before to get free images, no fear.  You can purchase the current set of images for $1!!

This round is all about Christmas.  The theme is "make your own".  There is a blank Snow Globe and I hope to make something with it.  For now I am using the Santa's Stuck, which is an image from Crafty Ann. I added one of the sentiments to the bottom of the globe.  I added clear rhinestones to the spots of falling snow.  Not sure I like it.  I used Pearl Glimmer Mist to the globe to make it look like it might be a globe. I had thought to put Glossy Accents to it, but with the rhinestones I didn't think it would look good.  Plus I think I would have used all my Glossy Accents on it. 

Here is my card...

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
Hugs, love and prayers

Crafter's Digital Art Center Progressive Challenge 9-2

Round 9
Project 2
This is all about my second project using a CDAC Progressive Challenge Round 9 image.  This image is by Patti Gomez, who draws such wonderful images and makes some amazing projects. 

Here is my card...

It's in the mail, as I mailed all my Christmas cards this morning...check that off my list. 

Hugs, love and prayers...

Crafter's Digital Art Center Progressive Challenge 9-3

I was so busy yesterday.  Here is the thrid project I have done for CDAC's Progressive Challenge Round 9.

This image is from Just Some Lines...Isn't that a cute name.  LOL.  I had no idea what to do for my third project for the was all Christmas images and I did 2 and had them completed. So I put it aside and went to work on an ATC that I needed to get done.  ATC World (A Yahoo Group) does a monthly Winner Take All (WTA) drawing.  Two names are drawn and everyone sends that person an ATC to fit any of the themes the person has listed.  One of the ladies' chosen theme was Beatle Songs.  So I was looking through a list of songs by the Beatles and found one called Goodnight.  AH HA!!  I knew this image would fit perfectly that song!!

Here is my ATC ...

I did this ATC a bit different from the other ones I have done, but I have received some like this.  It is actually a small 2.5" x 3.5" card.  When opened you will find the year Goodnight was released, on which album, the songwriter, and the lead vocalist. 

Thanks for stopping by...
Hugs, love and prayers

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grandbabies first picture

We have the first picture of our grandbaby, due in June.  Can't tell who's side of the family the baby looks like yet...maybe the next picture.  :)

A friend of mine said something that is so true.  Grandbabies are God's reward for being a good parent. 

Stay tuned for the next baby picture the end of January. 

Hugs, love and prayers
AKA Grammy

Monday, December 5, 2011

CDAC Progressive Challenge Round 8-3

Here is another card for the Challenge.  If you go back 2 entries you can find the what nots about the challenge.

This image is by...Doodle Pantry

Hugs, love and prayers

CDAC Progressive Challenge Round 8-2

I'll skip the what not's explaining how the challenge works as I did so in the preious entry. 

Here is another card I did for this challenge.

The image is by...Just Some Lines

Hugs, love and prayers

CDAC Progressive Challenge Round 8-1

I can't believe we are doing round 8!!  In case you are wondering what CDAC PC is, let me tell you.  With a progressice challenge, you are given a free image (or set of images as with CDAC).  Make a project with that image(s).  Link it to the Challenge Group by the deadline.  You will then be sent an invite to pick up the new images. If you didn't get in on the last round and would like to take fear!!  For $1 you can get the images and get into the challenge.  

Now this time I have done 3 cards.  I don't know what is going on with my pictures.  I am using the same light box, same settings on my camera, and the box is in the same place.  BUT my pictures are coming out with a brown tint to it. 

Here is one of my cards. 

The image is by...Jens Digital Stamps

Hope to see your projects!
Hugs, love and prayers

Friday, December 2, 2011

Updates and Vacation News

Can you believe I haven't been in the craft room in 10 days!?!  Larry has been on vacation and when he is home, I don't craft.  I am going through withdrawals.  Larry goes back to work in the morning and then has Sunday off, which is his normal day off. 

So what have we been doing on vacation?  We had a ball in Pigeon Forge.  We arrived in town Friday afternoon, stopped and picked up our tickets and hotel vouchers.  Come to find out we needed to reserve our tickets for The Trolley Tour of Lights and it only runs Monday-Friday evenings, so we missed out on that.  So we went out to dinner at Tony Roma's and had the best ribs and chicken ever!!  Then we hung out in the hot tub in our room!!

Saturday was a great day.  We went to Parrot Mountain in the morning.  Of course I managed to leave the camera home :(  I did buy a throw away camera but only took a few pictures.  The name of the place says it all...Parrots and Mountain.  There were parrots of all sizes and shapes.  Every Macaw you can think of, conures, and Lories.  And by mountain it is at the top of a mountain but you have to walk uphill all the way through the place and downhill on the way back.  To say the least my back had the worse of me.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner theater.  The meal was out of this world...fried chicken, soup, corn beard, beans, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, and dessert.  The show was just as good.  We had our picture taken there and I will scan it and share!!

Saturday night we went to the Christmas Specular at the Smokey Mountain Opry.  Fun!  Great singing, dancing, skits and more.  Our plan had been to go next door to Tony Romas for dessert but they closed at 10.  Come to find out...almost all restaurants close at 10.  So we wandered over to Winterfest which was a disappointment.  Rides (all of 5), crofters (all of 6), a skating rink, and a smore's pit.  Wow.  Good thing it was free to get into!  Went back to the hotel and enjoyed our hot tub again.

Sunday we went to Gatlinburg to the 8 Mile Loop which has Arts and Crafts shops.  Well on Sundays...they are all closed!!  So we headed back to Pigeon Forge and got a t-shirt for Katie as she pet sat for us.  And headed home.  Took us 2 and 1/2 hours to go 7 miles.  Then once we were part way home, it took us another 10 minutes to go 5 miles.  Never again will we go on a holiday weekend.  Will we go back again...OH YEA.  I am shooting for September...during the week.

Before we left I had my follow up with my doc.  I had a fasting blood sugar over of 140 a month ago and hemoglobin A1C of 6.3...high normal is 6.2.  Doc said one more high fasting BS and I would be diabetic.  And of course it was.  139.  So I am now diabetic.  GRRR.  So I am checking my blood sugar 2-4 times a day and am suppose to be watching my diet and getting exercise.  Now that vacation is over, I am getting on the band wagon.  I have been taking my BS and know what foods do what.  Starting in the morning, my diet changes and I start walking.  I have been pushing myself with the walking in stores.  I usually use the electric carts cause of my back.  This past week I haven't used one, but have taken more pain pills than usual.  Guess there as to be a trade off. 

So what have we done the rest of vacation.  Clean house.  And take it easy!!  Before we left for Pigeon Forge (yes on Black Friday) we purchased a GPS that sure helped on the trip and I got a Kindle, which is AWESOME!!  And I have figured out how to download library books on it!! 

Heading off now...and back to craft world in the morning.