Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fiskateer Sensational State Swap Part 2

If you haven't become a Fiskateer, what are you waiting for!!  Ok so you are saying what is a Fiskateer?  Well it could have to do with my maiden name, Fisk, but it doesn't.  A Fiskateer is someone who loves and uses Fiskar products.  To become a Fiskateer you need to go contact one of the Lead Fiskateers.  They will ask you some super secret questions and then they will consider your membership to become a Fiskateer ambassador. 

Now as a Fiskateer, you can visit a wonderful online community.  Chat, ask others about Fiskar products plus there are swaps.  Now you know I love ATC swaps!!  So this is one my go to communities to take part  in ATC Swaps. 

Now back in October we did Sensational State ATC Swap in October.  Now its time for Part 2.  I did Virginia in Part 1 and since Pennslyvania was taken I did Alabama.  I did this one a little differnt that usual.  It is actually a mini card.  It opens and there is more information inside. 

Now it isn't to late to join the swap.  There are still 2 unclaimed states.  So if you aren't a Fiskateer, hop to do it and join the swap!!

Hugs, love and prayers

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