Monday, January 31, 2011

HappiLeigh Scrappin Challenge

It's Monday and time for another

Here's how it works. 
You can use any image you wish
and you get one entry in the drawing
for prizes.

If you use a
you get 2 entries in the drawing. 

First place gets 3 images
Second place gets 2 images
Third place gets 1 image
All of the winner's choice

This is the featured image of the week.

This card was also entered in

Hugs, love and prayers

NettieG's Weekly Challenge

NettieG's Digital Gems
Weekly Challenge

This week's image is a special one.

Our first challenge was the
Sewing Tree. 

JenLee said she love the Sewing Tree
because she does so much sewing
and would love to see more
in the way of sewing items.

NettieG didn't forget this. 
So here is
JenLee's Sewing Heart

Winners will be chosen as they have been the past few weeks. 
One random draw
The Design Team will choose their Favorite. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

NettieG Crafter's Digital Art Center Sketch Challenge

NettieG Digital Gems
is doing
Sketch Challenge.

Say that 10 times fast!! 

does 5 challenges every 2 weeks. 
Holiday or other themed

Here is the card I did for the challenge.

Now as a Design Team member of NettieG's
I am not eligible to win the challenge. 

Hugs, love and prayers

Monday, January 24, 2011

Working on Christmas Presents in January?

I am betting you are saying what??  Is Chris working on late Christmas presents?  Nope!  I am actually working on presents for Christmas 2011.  Larry told me if I waited till the last minute to make Christmas presents again, he would shoot me.  Of course he said that while he was having fun helping me made this past Christmas' gifts. 

Before I go any farther...I am NOT Vickie's Secret Pal.  Some of you are going HUH??  Over on Paper Craft Planet,  there is a group called Anything Goes.  And that group is doing a year long Secret Pal.  Cole, bless her sweet soul, has assigned Secret Pals to those wishing to play.  Only requirement is to send 5 cards to your SP within the year.  Well, many SPs are sending gifts.  Vickie's SP sent her calendars like these.  Well the dear sweet SP shared the files with Cole who posted them so others could use them, without giving away the SPs identity. 

I saw Vickie's calendar and saw my 2011 Christmas gifts right away.  I knew i had to know how they were done.  They aren't as big as you think they are.  The pages are 5 1/2" x 4 3/4".  I am doing them a bit different.  I am dropping the images done with parts of them under the colored strip, because I am planning to have them bound like a spiral notebook.  Hopefully that is a Cinch in my future.  If not, it will be a trip to the office supply store which offers that service.  I have Jan and Feb done of one set.  So I will be at this for a long while.  Hopefully those receiving them will love them.  :)

I am showing you February's because I won the image in Guylou's Inimitability Blog Hop.  In addition to the image I won a RAK gift package.  I have to say, I was in a poor mood yesterday and it sure put me in a better mood.  Can't say I don't win anything any more.  Well I choice this image because it fits, G's new challenge, which is a Red Challenge.  It is as simple as it sounds.  Project must have something red in it.  All project get one entry in the drawing for a winner, who gets a free digi and Guest DT.  Use a GI image and you get 2 entries.  Use the featured image and you get 3 entries.  Well this is the featured image.  Yes, I planned it that way.  :)

Hope you like.

Hugs, love and prayers

NettieG's Digital Gems Fashion Show Week 3

NettieG's Digital Gems Fashion Show
The final week is here.
We have seen Eliza in her undergarments.
We have seen Eliza in her petticoat.
So now we have Eliza in her dress!!
And guess what! 
Like any fashion diva she has 
a nice warerobe to choose from.  
She has FIVE dresses!!

Now if you played last week,
You need to go to 
use the email form 
and choose the dress you would like.
Then we will email it to you FREE!

If you didn't play last week, 
you can still play this week.  
You would need to go to
and buy the Eliza of your choice.  

Why play this week??
Well this is the FINALE week!!!

So we will have 3 prizes!!
One winner will be chosen by random draw
and will win a image of the winner's choice
One winner will be chosen based on color
and will win a package from NettieG.

One winner will be chosen based on embellishments
and will win a prize package value at over $14

To be eligible for these prizes you need to make a project
(remember you don't have to make a card...ya'll see I didn't)
Then use Mr. Linky  over on the Challenge Blog
by Sunday, January 30, 2011, 11:59 PM EST

Here is what I did with Eliza this week.
Not a card. 
This is a little something that can sit on a desk. 
It's an easel card with a box attached to the box
where you can store little things.
It has a 2011 calendar on it. 
I made some similar to this for Christmas gifts
and everyone loved them.
There are several items from
Pizzazz Aplenty!!
The beading around the top is
beads on a string in beige.
The pink and white flowers
and the pearl brads on the calendar
are also from
Pizzazz Aplenty. 

HappinLeigh Scrappin Challenge

I'm telling you Monday's are fun days. 
I try to give a reason to look
forward to Mondays!!

So what's HappiLeigh Scrappin Challenge 
this week.  

Here is the picture to give you some inspiration

You can use any image you like.
All entries will get 1 entry into the drawing for prizes.
If you use a HappiLeigh Image you double your chances of winning.
Yeap that's right you get 2 entires.

So bet you want to know what you get if you win.
1st place gets 3 images
2nd place gets 2 images
3rd place gets 1 image
all of winners choice

So get creative and get those card linked up by
Sunday, January 30, 2011
11:59 PM EST

Now here is my card. 
I did mine so I could enter it in several other challenges.
Feel free to do so...but remember to mention it's

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Challenges Challenges Challenges

Gotta love it when one card came cover many challenges. 
This one does.

The image is from
Now ya'll know this is a progressive challenge
You get a free image the first Friday of the month.
Make a project with it
use Mr. Linky by Thursday 11:59 PM EST of that week
and Faith will email you a new Freebie!!
Keep making a new project with each new freebie
and you keep gettin new freebies.
Miss a week?
You don't have to wait to the beginning of the next month.
Hop over to their store and buy the current image. 

Now I colored up the image last night.
Then this morning I went to Card Ideas
the website the Delightful Inspiration's
Design Team uses to show what they can do
with Faith's images
have a challenge as well.
Well their challenge was to use any
And do a Fancy fold.
Something other than just folding the paper in half.
I made a Gate Card,
Which I had never done before. 
Image could have been a bit smaller,
but all in all I like the way it turned out. 

This card is always going to fit a
Birthday Card challenge
On Outlawz.

Here's the card...

Hugs, love and prayers

Thursday, January 20, 2011

GlitterBabes Challenge 28

Today is the last day my team will be doing the

Stef has decided the challenge blog isn't allowing her
to do what she loves most...
Creating DIGI's!!

So she will still be around. 

I will Team Leader on Stef's
So be sure to stop over there
and join in the fun and watch
The GlitterBabes Sparkle. 

Ok on to this week's challenge. 
It was anything goes
and we had a wonderful sponsor. 
I tell you I was impressed with her the digi's and paper.

I used Summer Milly
and one page of paper out of the Spring Time Pack.
Be sure to stop by Pink Gem's and have a look see. 

I decided to do a Easel card this week. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Delightful Inspirations

Another Week at

Do ya'll remember how this works?
Faith starts the month off with a freebie.
You submit a project to her site via Mr. Linky
and she will send you the next image
If you don't submit a project and would like to join in,
you simply buy the image of the week at her store
and make a project with that image.
All projects must be submitted by
Thursday 11:59 PM EST

This week was a cute Love Ya' CupCake. 

HappiLeigh Scrappin Challenge

Yea I know I am a few days late.  
I was off line for 5 very long days and 
yes, I went through withdrawals.  

But all is well now and I am back.  
Since Leigh didn't get my image for this week's challenge, 
she used one I had done previously with a past freebie.

Here is the one I did this week's challenge.   

Monday, January 10, 2011

HappiLeigh Scrappin Challenge

Hey there,

It's Monday!!!

Well since we only had one entry last week,
Leigh has extended the challenge another week. 

We changed the rules. 

Here's the change...
Ready for this...
You can use any image you like. 

Everyone entering the challenge will get one entry into a random drawing

Use a HappiLeigh Image and you get 2 entries in that drawing. 

Prizes remain the same. 
First place wins 3 images
Second place wins 2 images
Third place wins 1 image

And Leigh is giving a FREE image.  What more do you need???

Ok so here is what I did with one of Leigh's images.

Mice On Cherries. 
I think these guys are so cute. 

NettieG's Fashion Show

We're Back!!!
NettieG's Gems had a nice vacation.
We are rested, relaxed, refreshed,
and ready to challenge!!

And NettieG's Digital Gems are having a Fashion Show!!
And Elizabeth is our model...
from 1910!!

Over the next 3 weeks...
you are going to see Elizabeth in
Her undergarments (OH MY)...
In her Petticoat...
And in one of three dresses!!!

Now hop on over to
NettieG's Digital Gems
And get Elizabeth in her
undergarments (OH MY)...
she's free!!!

Make a project using Elizabeth...
in her undergarments (OH MY)
by Sunday, January 15, 2011, 11:59 PM EST,
use the linky to link your card,
and I will email you...
Elizabeth in her Petticoat. 

How Sweet is that!!

Here is what I did with Elizabeth...

in her undergarments (OH MY)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Delightful inspiration

Wow!!!  There is a lot going on over at Delightful Inspiration!! 

First we have the first Friday of the month.  Ya'll remember what that means, right?  A FREEBIE!!  And as usual it's a cutie!!  Look at this lamb with a heart in her mouth!!  

Now you make a project, do the linky thing on Delightful Inspiration by Thursday, January 13, 2011, 11:59 EST, and Faith will email you a new digi to use for the following week!!  Yeap, use the free digi, that is just so cute you gotta use it, and you get another one free!!

Over on Crafter's Digital Art Center Sherrie is throughing a party.  And part of that party is combinding images.  So I have taken the new image, Love Ewe, and an older image of flowers and combined them using Microsoft Word.   

As if that wasn't enough, Faith's Design Team has a new blog... Card Ideas.  And every Saturday they have a challenge, too!!  This week's challenge is use something new and something old.  Well, lets see.  I used the new image and I combined the old image of flowers to it the new image.  I used new flowers and paper from my stash so it is old. 

Wow I am all tired out just typing all that out.  And to think one card fits all that!!!  LOL and here that card is...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Then and Now

It's been almost a year and it's been 400 blog comments. 
Wow can you believe the difference in my card  making skills. 
To go back to the beginning and look through I can see why my dear step-daughter called my first set of cards I mailed out...CORNY!!!  Look at them.  They were!!
I want to thank everyone who has stopped by and left me some love, given me advice, helped me a long the way, and encoraged me. 
Love ya'll
Hugs, love and prayers.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

GlitterBabe's Challenge

It's my first full time week on the Design Team for GlitterBabes!!
I will be designing every other week.

This week's challenge we have a sketch and could use any of Stef images from the GlitterBabe's Store. 

Here's the sketch...

I chose a new design called Dahlia.  I think it is so pretty. 

Here is my card

Now get on over to Glitterbabe's and show me your design!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happileigh Scrappin'

New Image
Tatter's Cookies

Today is the day we have been waiting for!
The debut of our brand new Design Team!! 
What better way to meet the Design Team than a BLOG HOP!
And what's a Blog Hop without a prize!!

Visit each Design Team Member's Blog
leave a comment
And you could be the winner of
FIVE Happileigh Scrappin' Images!! 
You MUST leave a comment on each blog to win. 

Chris (that's ME)

Leigh (NEXT) She's the Artist!!

Now don't be forgetting!!!
HappiLeigh Scrappin' Challenge as a Challenge EVERY Monday
Today included!!
Leigh puts up a cute Freebie
or you can use any HappiLeigh Scrappin Design!
And once again Leigh is very generous with the winnings.
There are 3 winners...voted on by HappiLeigh's Visitors
First place...3 Images
Second place...2 Images
Third place...1 Image
And a winner's badge for each!