Monday, January 24, 2011

Working on Christmas Presents in January?

I am betting you are saying what??  Is Chris working on late Christmas presents?  Nope!  I am actually working on presents for Christmas 2011.  Larry told me if I waited till the last minute to make Christmas presents again, he would shoot me.  Of course he said that while he was having fun helping me made this past Christmas' gifts. 

Before I go any farther...I am NOT Vickie's Secret Pal.  Some of you are going HUH??  Over on Paper Craft Planet,  there is a group called Anything Goes.  And that group is doing a year long Secret Pal.  Cole, bless her sweet soul, has assigned Secret Pals to those wishing to play.  Only requirement is to send 5 cards to your SP within the year.  Well, many SPs are sending gifts.  Vickie's SP sent her calendars like these.  Well the dear sweet SP shared the files with Cole who posted them so others could use them, without giving away the SPs identity. 

I saw Vickie's calendar and saw my 2011 Christmas gifts right away.  I knew i had to know how they were done.  They aren't as big as you think they are.  The pages are 5 1/2" x 4 3/4".  I am doing them a bit different.  I am dropping the images done with parts of them under the colored strip, because I am planning to have them bound like a spiral notebook.  Hopefully that is a Cinch in my future.  If not, it will be a trip to the office supply store which offers that service.  I have Jan and Feb done of one set.  So I will be at this for a long while.  Hopefully those receiving them will love them.  :)

I am showing you February's because I won the image in Guylou's Inimitability Blog Hop.  In addition to the image I won a RAK gift package.  I have to say, I was in a poor mood yesterday and it sure put me in a better mood.  Can't say I don't win anything any more.  Well I choice this image because it fits, G's new challenge, which is a Red Challenge.  It is as simple as it sounds.  Project must have something red in it.  All project get one entry in the drawing for a winner, who gets a free digi and Guest DT.  Use a GI image and you get 2 entries.  Use the featured image and you get 3 entries.  Well this is the featured image.  Yes, I planned it that way.  :)

Hope you like.

Hugs, love and prayers


  1. Wow Chris, this is wonderful. I love what you have done with her! What a fantastic idea to make her the image for the February part of your calendar. Someone is going to be thrilled to get that Christmas gift!

  2. This is stunning, love what you did with her and congrats again on winning !!!

  3. Chris... I loooooove it!!! This is such an awesome idea for a gift! Whoever will get it will be very happy! I might try doing one myself! Your February page is beautiful and Cupid is definitely perfect for that month. Thanks for participating in the "Red" challenge at Guylou's Inimitability.

  4. Wonderful, Chris! You did a great job on Cupid...I love the calendar!

  5. I really like it Chris. It will make a wonderful gift. Hope you keep sharing the months with us! I really like how cupid turned out! Just beautiful!

  6. Well, aren't you on the ball?? You go with your early Christmas gift planning. Wow. And congrats on winning the blog hop, too!

  7. This is awesome. What a very cool and thoughtful gift. Good thing you are starting now. That looks like a lot of work!

    Congrats on winning the Blog hop! That is awesome

  8. Chris, this is a good move! And I know your calendars will be a hit just like the one at AG! I really like how you colored those wings...

  9. Smart girl!! I love your calendar page! Awesome project!