Monday, February 28, 2011

HappiLeigh Scrappin Challenge

It's Monday....
A new Challenge at...

HappiLeigh Scrappin' Challenge

This week we are doing something a little different. 

Leigh was asked to make an image to help in a card drive for Andrew. 

Andrew is a 12 year old baseball player who has had to stop playing ball and endure chemotherapy for cancerous brain tumors. Andrew just reached a major milestone.  I wasn't aware, and have found out others aren't either, but some cancer treatment centers have a tradition when one completes chemo.  When a patient has completed their last chemo treatment, they get to
"Ring the bell".
Andrew got to "Ring the Bell"!!!
And you can see it here.

This week's challenge is Celebration!! 
Celebration of Andrew Ringing the Bell.

I mentioned earlier Leigh was asked to do an image for Andrew.
Let's make cards for Andrew with a Bell on them to signify his accomplishment.  You can purchase Leigh's digital image by visiting her website and make a card using Andrew's image on it or you can still participate by using your own bell stamps.  If you don't have any bell stamps, then just make something celebratory for Andrew

Please email me at for Andrew's address. 

Here is my card...on the inside is a little boy playing baseball. 

Hope to see your cards soon...
Hugs, Love and Prayers

NettieG's Sketch Challenge

It Monday.... and it time for

Before we get to the sketch...

We have new rules!!!

You can use any image, which will get you one entry in the drawing.
If you use a NettieG image, you will get 2 entries in the drawing.
If you use the feature image, the Gardenia, you get 3 entries in the drawing. 
You can find the Gardenia on sale here.

And it's Mark Down Monday
It's on sale for $2 
But for today only!! 

Here is the sketch!!!

Here is what I did with the Gardenia and the Sketch

This card was mailed out to Larry's mom as her birthday is today. 

Hugs, love and prayers.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Delightful Inspirations

I am cutting it close again this week. 

Mo and Jo went on separate vacations

And they forgot to take me.

Mo went to Alaska...guess he likes snow.

Jo took a trip to South America. 

And this card shows it...bad. 

Progressive Challenge.

Faith gives a freebie the beginning of the month

make a project with it and link it to her blog

and she will send you another freebie. 

I had tried to print this on patterned paper

with the hopes of cutting the pieces out and piecing it together.

I cut the paper down to size so I could run it through

the printer but it wouldn't print completely.

So I ended up coloring it and then used foam dots and layered it. 

Wish it would have worked the way I wanted it too. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Guylou's Anything Goes

Gotta love an
Anything Goes Challenge
And when it is one of your favorite artists!!

I met G, as must of us call her, over on
Crafter's Digital Art Center.

I used this image on Outlawz for their
ShowDown and well it fit G's Anything Goes Challenge,
which Sara reminded me of...thank you Sara. 

Larry looked at this and said ok since when did you start using
pre-colored images.  Didn't!  Haven't!  Ok so he isn't the best judge of these things but it's a start.  I did have a fun coloring Cowboy Chuck and I am getting better with the shading! 

Hope you like it.

Hugs, Love and Prayers,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

HappiLeigh Scrappin Challenge

It's time for another

This week Leigh has chosen a sketch challenge.

Sketches are my FAVORITE.

Mo and Jo have been on separate vacations lately but nothing like a
sketch challenge to put harmony back into my

Leigh has been hard at work again...or is that still. 

She is thinking Easter and Springtime...even as the snow
is falling hard in some parts of the country. 

This is the Bunny and LadyBug. 
I had fun with him. 
I used my woodless pencils and odorless mineral spirits as usual. 
Nothing fancy in the paper, as I wanted the focus on the image and then flowers.  The flowers are from a prize pack sent to me by a friend in Canada. The brads are from Pizzazz Aplenty, a cute online embellishment store.  The swirl is cut on my Cricut using Sure Cuts A Lot and of course a card isn't complete without a little Icicle Stickles.   
Be sure to stop by HappiLeigh Scrappin's Challenge.  Leigh has a lot of new images this week. 

Hugs, love and prayers.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dragonfly Chronicles

I just came across this cute blog
And they are offering some
Blog Candy
And who doesn't like
Blog Candy
So hop over there by MidNight
on Februaury 20, 2011
and you could win

Another Delightful Inspiration Challenge

Another week another Delightful Inspiration Challenge

This week I went a set beyond...

You know how the challenge works...

 Beginning of the month Faith offers a
Free image. 

Make a project with the free image
by deadline
and she will email you
a new free image.

Nice Progressive challenge.
As long as  you use the free image
every week, you get a free image
every week. 

But you also get a little something more...
Not always...
but from time to time...
Faith will have an image to go with the Freebie.
And sometimes she just might offer a discount on that image.
Not always...but from time to time.

Well this week she did and I LOVE Kaela!!
Kaela is a little girl she has created and I adore her. 
She first appeared at Christmas Time. 

This time we have
Kaela Spring...
And I LOVE LOVE her. 
Hope you do to.

And hope you head over to
to see how you to can have
Kaela Spring!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wow What a Blog Hop!!!!

What a weekend
What a Blog Hop!!
Getting Cricky with K Andrew

Kristal put together one awesome
Blog Hop.

38 Blogs took part. 

I want to thank everyone who stopped by, left a comment,
and became a follower.  Yes, I read every single comment

Blog Candy every where. 

And well I have my own
Blog Candy to give away.
A Scrap book package!

And the winner is

Debbi Hockman
who said

I am so impressed! You are already working on I'm still trying to recover from 2010, lol. I'm a follower. *smiles* debbi hockman

Debbi Please send me your address and I will get this in the mail to you.  

Again thank you to everyone who took part.   

HappiLeigh Scrappin Challenge

It's time for another

This week Leigh gave us a picture to use as Inspiration.

And one new set of images are CupCakes!!
So here is what I put together for this week.

I hope you take some time and head over to
and join the fun

Friday, February 11, 2011

Cricky Across the 50 Blog Hop

A Big Cricut Hello & Chirp to each of you! Welcome to the Cricky Across the 50 Blog Hop hosted by K Andrew of Getting Cricky!  If you are here from Kathy at Creative Cutter in Utah than you are in the right spot. If you just arrived here and would like to start from the beginning please go to KAndrew's Getting Cricky!  For this blog hop K Andrew is celebrating her big move across the country with a big road trip, and of course this hop across the 50 states! She has asked us all to post a little bit about the state we are representing, and then to post our Favorite Craft Project.

I am representing the State of Virginia. 

As you know...
Virigina is for Lovers.
Our state bird is the Cardinal.
Our state tree is the Dogwood.
And every April we have the
Vinton Dogwood Festival.
A week long festival here in town
complete carnival rides, a parade, and craft show.
We live a block away.  :)
Did you know we have state dance..
Square Dancing.  Who would have thought. 

Ok on to my favorate project. 
There are so many of them. 
This is a sneak peak at my upcoming
Christmas presents. 
Luckily those who will be getting them
don't visit my blog.  :)
You will note the images are down from the top a bit. 
Once I get the entire year complete, I will have these bound into a complete calendar.  I am starting now cause I am hoping to have a number of them completed for Christmas presents. 

Ok what's a Blog Hop without some
Blog Candy!!!

 Please make sure to leave comments on all of the blogs for a chance to win several different Grand Prizes on Getting Cricky's blog, from these great companies (I will send you a list)!

In addition each blog along the way is offering blog candy.

I am offering a
Deena Rutter Abbey Runner
Road Trip
Scrapbooking Kit 

Become a follower and leave a comment and I will post a winner
Monday, February 14, 2011. 

Next stop on the hop is
Mariam Sarchell of Purple Lily Studio
In Washington

New Challenge New Rules Precious Moments

This is Freebie Friday.
Not all Friday's are Freebies.
We are offering Precious Moments, for Free

from 12:01 AM EST February 11, 2011 to
12:00 AM EST February 12, 2011.
After which time, we will remove it from this blog,
and you can purchase it from
NettieG's Digital Gems Store.

Precious Moments

NettieG drew this image as a tribute to her mom.

I asked NettieG to tell me about her and these words are from NettieG...

Mom was all heart. She had a sweet, gentle spirit, and it showed in her relationships to others. She loved reading to children, and if there was no book available, she would sit in her rocking chair and recite children's rhymes in her soft sing-song voice. Children never complained, and they would sit quietly or repeating or joining her recitation of their favorite ones.I had never heard her sing, and one day after she put a sleeping child down for a nap, I asked her, why?Her response to me was,"I cannot carry a tune in a tin bucket." I asked her why on earth would she say that.She said when she was a half grown girl, she was singing, and someone told her she shouldn't sing because she couldn't carry a tune in a tin bucket. She said she had never sang aloud since. But, she continued and told me,"One day, I will sing, and I know I will have a beautiful voice." I know that is true, beyond a doubt. I can hardly wait to hear her sing her praises to God and Jesus.

This challenge will run 2 weeks, ending

Thursday, February 24, 2011 11:59 PM EST
Here is my card...

Lead Designer
Hugs, love and prayers

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hearts and Flowers

Hearts and Flowers

Gotta love Valentines Day
This is another new file from

Do you remember how this works?

The beginning of the month Faith offers a free image to everyone.
Make a project, link it up to Delightful Inspirations by the dead line,
and you will get a new image in your inbox. 

How cool is that.  
See you here again with another new image from Delightful Inspiration 
next week.   

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Ya'll know I love challenges.

Seems like I haven't had much time for them lately.

And looking around to find a challenge takes time away from
doing the work for challenges.

Well here is an Easy Peasy place to get
a challenge a day!!!

They are throwing a ShowDown

February 13-25, 2011

There will be a ton of

Prizes to be won. 

So if you like challenge
If you like prizes

you need to head over to

And join the fun

Monday, February 7, 2011

Larry's Accident

Friday Larry had an accident at work.  The simplest of things that turned into the biggest of injuries. 

Larry tripped over the huge bucket of water they use to check for air leaks in tires.  On his way down, his face hit one of those big outdoor ashtrays. 

I got one of those calls a wife never wants to get.  Larry's boss called and said Larry wanted me to call you.  He fell and cut his face open.  I said is he there and needs to me to take him to the ER or is he going by ambulance.  I was told to come to the shop. 

Ok it can't be that bad.  No ambulance.  Be calm.  Careful driving.  Take it easy.  Breathe Christine.  All this is going through my head on my drive to the shop.  As I am getting of the expressway, I see an ambulance getting on the expressway.  No can't be. 

I get to the shop, run in.  And the boss says Roanoke Memorial Hospital.  WHAT????  He said you just missed him.  He was in the ambulance.  (I later found out, boss was in the front calling me thinking it wasn't that bad, and the service manager was in the shop calling 911 cause Larry passed out when he fell).

Ok this time it was much harder to stay calm on the drive.  So I talked to God.  I asked Him to give me the strength to get me through whatever was head of me.  Somehow God got me to the ER cause I don't recall the drive.

Larry had just gotten there when I did.  He had a c-collar on and they had thought he broke his jaw.  After hours of waiting for CT scan and results, we could breathe one sigh of relief, nothing was broken. 

I had said when I first looked at the wounds, Larry needed a plastic surgeon.  Once the collar was taken off, they finally turned their attention to the wounds.  Physician's Assistant said no way she was going to stitch Larry up.  The wound on his chin went completely through in several places.  The ER doctor said he could do it.  Larry said told you so.  10 minutes later, ER doc comes back and said he changed his mind and called a plastic surgeon in. 

Larry's upper lip has a small cut on it.  His lower lip has a gash taking about 1/2 the length of it.  Larry's chin has a 3 1/2-4" inch spilt going through and though in several places.  In addition he has several places that the skin has come off the gum and he has chipped the bone on the gum.  He has broke one tooth and has a second one that has loosened up. 

Because Larry is diabetic he has to be seen today for a wound check.  Then some stitches come out in 7 days and others in 10.  So lots of trips in the future.  All cause he tripped. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The kids and the Coach's Trophy

As you might know
My dear sweet Kelly
got a FULL scholarship
to Auburn University.

And you might also know
Auburn University won
the college championship.

A couple of week's,
I got a phone call from Kelly. 
MOM, guess where I am??

She was in line at Wal-Mart
with her boyfriend, Shane,
her step sisters and Shane's sister
to have their picture taken with the
Coach's Trophy!!

Here is that picture!