Sunday, October 31, 2010

CowGirl Up Sunday Stamp'em Challenge...New Releases

Wasn't last week's Halloween Blog Hop over at CowGirl Up Sunday Stamp'em Challenge Fun!!! It was great seeing everyone's Halloween images. Even those who don't celebrate Halloween had get projects.

It's finally here. NEW RELEASES !! CowGirl Up Designs is releasing new images today. And when it comes to new releases all CowGirl Hands are helping. So be sure to check everyone's out. From the sneak peaks I've seen they are great. I can't wait to get a hold of some them myself.

So what's this week's challenge...It's all about the BLING. Over the top with BLING. Can't wait to see what you bling up. See you at the ranch
This card also fits into 365 Cards Day 244 Blog Inspired challenge

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Double Delight

Wow I am cutting it close...not like me. I am usually done long before now. Had a lot on my plate this week. All good stuff though. I had a lady ask me about a card I had given to a friend of mine and she wanted me to make 3 birthday cards for her. Extra money!! Nice.

Any ways...this weeks Double Delight. If you are new and have followed me before now, let me explain. Every Friday Faith at Designed to Delight has a challenge. If you did the challenge the week before you are given the new image free. If you didn't you can still play by purchasing the image in her store. Then on Saturday Double Delight takes that image and puts a twist on the challenge. This week was twine or rafia. Now where I got and I had rafia, I have no idea. But I did. So here is this week's entry.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Phindy's Challenge Now my Anniversary card

Originally this was going to be part of the Tuesday sketch challenge at Phindy's Place Celebrating 1000 members. But for personal reasons I have decided not to enter that, so I added it as a second entry on her Friday Challenge Blog instead. Since my anniversary is in less than a month I thought it was a cute anniversary card...of course you can't see the inside. :)

No Beary Scary

Another great image from Faith at Designed to Delight. If you have been a follower of mine, you know how this works, if you haven't been here is how it goes. The first Friday of the month Faith gives (yes, I said gives) everyone (well I think it is the first 500 people) a free digi. Make a project as listed in the challenge blog over at Delightful Inspiration and link it to that blog before Thursday night, and the following Friday she will email you a new FREE (yes, I said free) digi. Do the challenge with the new before Thursday night and you get another free. Ok so it is the middle of the month. You can still play!! Go over to Designed to Delight and buy the digi of the week (they are only 1 or 2 dollars) and the join in...then you get a free digi the following week. How cool is that?!?!

Ok on to this little No Beary Scary. Isn't he cute? He is also part of a set Faith has. Now I did double duty here. He also fits the Mojo Monday Sketch for this week. I don't do square well. Although the easel cards I did are square. But all you need is inspiration from the sketch and that I got. The pumpkin and gourd papers were part of a kit that was given to me in the Make a Wish Swap on Cricut Chatter.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Phindy's Cardathon

Can you believe it?!? I have been using Phindy's Place images since April. I love them. Then a couple of months ago I found Phindy's Place Challenge Blog and had entered several of her challenges. From there I found her over at Paper Craft Planet. Just in time for her 1000 Follower Celebration. Starting today and running through Friday, there will be a special challenge each day!! Oh by the way when I say I was just in time...I mean just in time I was follower 997.

A cardathon isn't want it sounded like. I thought oh no it was to see who could make the most cards. No fair. But that's not Cec's idea of a Cardathon. Cec made an easel card and everyone followed along step by step. Don't worry if you missed a step along the way. As her directions will be up for a while. It was so much fun. And you got to chat along the way.

No sweat if you want to get in on it. You have till Friday to make a card and post it. Hope to see your card there. Did you like mine?

CowGirl Up Sunday Stamp'em Up Challenge Halloween Party and Blog Hop

It's finally here. Above is my first card from CowGirl Up Design and as a member of the Posse Team at CowGirl Up Sunday Stamp'em Challenge Blog. And what a week for my debut. It's our Halloween Party and Blog Hop. Every member of the Posse Team is taking part. If you are here as a royal follower of mine and want to be part of the blog hop and have a chance to win prizes you need to start at the Challenge Blog.

So what do you have to do to win prizes.

As usual you need to enter a project in the Sunday Stamp'em Challenge. While we would like to see Halloween, we know not every one celebrates Halloween, so non-Halloween project will work this week too.

You will need to leave a comment stating which Posse Team Member's Project you like most and why (hint, the new CowGirl in Town sure could use your vote).

Then you need to hop along the Blog Hop and leave comments on everyone's blog...and we will be checking to make sure.

So...what do you win. This week's sponsor is Crafty Ribbons. The prize package will include a bundle of ribbon from Crafty Ribbons (I am told the picture below is just a sample of the bundle), 2 images from CowGirl Up Designs and the Winner's Badge to display on the winner's blog.

There will also be the Top 3, who will each get 1 Cow Girl Up Design and a Top 3 Badge for their blog.

There will be a special drawing if you used a CowGirl Up Design.

You should have gotten here from Bettina. Next on the CowGirl Up Blog Hop is Claire.

If you got here as a loyal follower of mine, or got lost along the way, you can return to CowGirl Up Sunday Stamp'em Challenge.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

CowGirl Up Sunday Stamp'em Challenge Halloween Party and Blog Hop

Here is my very card done as a member of the Posse Team (also known as Design Team) for CowGirl Up Sunday Stamp'em Challenge. This is called Full Moon. It is hard to see in the picture but the moon has a yellow hue to it.

What an exciting week at CowGirl Up!! My first card (which is different from this one) on the site will be showcased Sunday as will cards from all the Posse Team. My first week out and I will be doing my first ever blog hop!! How fun!!

This week's sponsor is Crafty Ribbons and the winner will win this bucket of ribbon, 2 images from CowGirl Up and the Winner's Badge for your blog

The Top 3 will receive 1 image from CowGirl Up and the Top 3 Badge for your Blog.

So what do you need to do to win. You will need to start off at CowGirl Up Sunday Stamp'em Challenge and leave a comment as to which Posse Team Member's project you like the best and why. Then start along the hop. You must leave comments on every Posse Team Members' Blog...we will be checking.

There will be a special drawing this week if you is a CowGirl Up image. While we like to see Halloween images, we realize not everyone celebrates Halloween, so if you don't use a Halloween image, you can still join in on the fun!!

Hope to see you on the Ranch Sunday!! Hugs!

Phindy's Fancy Folds #2

I got my challenge card for Phindy's Challenge Blog done so quickly they said I ought to be able to get the max of 3 done. Well you would have thought. Than I got asked to be on a Design Team and I thought just getting a second one done was going to be impossible. But it wasn't. I have seen easel cards and loved them...thinking I could never do that. Well I am learning never say never. Cause I can and I did. This is one of my favorite Phindy images and I have used it several times. Now that I know how easy the easel is, you will see more of them. :)

Busy day

I managed to get 3 cards done today and now it is time to blog about them all. Of course you will read the biggie first and I will be posting it last!! Up first we have a fun card that I made. This is no digi. When Guylou asked me what I thought about this weeks Mojo Monday sketch, after rushing over to look at it, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. This is 2 sided paper and I have always wondered how I could use the back....with the scare and get it into a card. Well I did it not once but twice, cause not only is he on the front of the card but when you open the card up, he is on the inside too. How cool is that!! So here is the card I made and the sketch that goes with it.

Challenges and Posse Team

What a week!! I managed to get all the challenges done I had planned on doing but I had hoped to go back and do a couple more entries in 1.

At Phindy's Place's this week was Fancy Folds. I did the one Spring up card but I wanted to do an Easel card. But time just didn't allow it. Now at Phindy's Place over at Paper Craft Paper a big Party is happening starting tomorrow. Phindy has reached 1000 members and there will be a week long celebreation with challenges and games. It sounds like a lot fun.

Tomorrow I will be posting my first CowGirl Up Posse Team card here on my blog with an announcement of all the fun we will be having at the CowGirl Up Sunday Stamp'em Challenge this week. It will be a Halloween Party, complete with blog hop...yeap I will be in on the hop...and prizes. I will have much more on that tomorrow....oppps later today.

Off to back later. ~~ Hugs

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I showed you the card earlier from the progressive challenge at Delightful Inspirations. That challenge starts on Friday. On Saturday is Double Delight which takes the image from Delightful Inspirations and gives a twist to it. This week it is Pink.

This isn't really a card. This is going to be a wall hanging...but might be only part of it. As you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness. What you might not know there has been a lot of cancer in my family. It start back in the 1960s with my grandmother who had breast cancer. I have every few memories of her not being in bed. Most of my memories are of her in a hospital bed in what used to be the dining room. She died in 1970.

My grandparents had 6 children. Five of them have had cancer. Four have died from it. Three were lung cancer. One uncle hadn't smoken in 43 years. One uncle had a growth on his neck. They went to remove it, and found it was a huge lymph node full of cancer. They never were able to determine where the cancer started at. The lone cancer survivor is my dad. He has had prostrate cancer. One aunt, to my knowledge, (I will know more when I get my yearly Christmas card update from the one family member who talks to me) is cancer free. So this wall hanging is my reminder I need to get fit.

Ten years ago November 1st, I had a hysterectomy for poly-cystic ovaries and endmetrosis. When they did tested the tissue, they found per-canerous tissue...may never became anything or could have...never know.

As some know, I lost my best friend this week. Oh she is still alive and well. We both said some very hurtfully things to each other. Things I don't think I can ever forgive. Maybe someday. So the "hope" on this isn't only the Hope of the pink breast cancer awareness, it is hope for my future. Hope for peace in my heart. Hope that the pain will ease up. Hope. Can't say much more than HOPE

Delightful Inspiration

This card was fun. It is from Designed to Delight and is part of Faith's progressive challenge oh her blog Delightful Inspiration. The beginning of the month, Faith gives away a free digi. Make a card with it, link it to her blog by the following Thursday and Friday morning she will email you a new digi. Make a card or project with it, link it to her blog by Thursday and... you get the picture that is why it is a progessive challenge. BUT you don't have to wait to the beginning of the month. Hope over to her store and buy the digi, make a project with it and post by Thursday and she will email a new digi free on Friday!! It is so fun to see what everyone has made!!
Ok now about the card itself. This image is called "Beautiful Blessings". The writing in the back is the Irish Blessing. My side of the family as well as my son's dad's side (who is my X) is Irish. My son, TJ, treasures his Irish heritage. His wife, Lisa, as a wee bit of the Irish in her. During their wedding there was a lot of Irish tradations. Outside the church, attendee's were greeted by a gentleman in a kilt playing the bagpipes. During the wedding an old Celtic tradition call Hand Binding took place. And the Irish Wedding Blessing was read. The Irish Wedding Blessing and the Irish Blessing are very similar. So when I saw this digi, I thought of Lisa and how she really embraced TJ's love of his heritage. The paper has Celtic Knots on it. I used this paper on their first wedding anniversary card and have some for their wedding scrapbook. The heart is also a Celtic Knot. Inside the complete Irish Blessing is written.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday Card

This card *was* made with someone special in mind. A lady who is about to become a grandma yet is so out riding her ATV through the woods. When I saw this image, at Beccy's Place, I knew I needed to make this into a card for her. Funny how life changes in a matter of days and while I am sure I will find a use for this card someday, it won't be going to the person it was originally intended for.

CowGirl Up Sunday Stamp'em Challenge

I tad late....sorry first week and all and still learning all I am suppose to be doing. Sunday brings a new challenge over at CowGirl Up Design Sunday Stamp'em Challenges.

So what's going on this week? How about make your own background!! Bet you never thought of it. I know I hadn't. But think about it. It can really personalize your project. How many times have you had the image but couldn't find the right paper to go with it. MAKE IT! Check back later in the week cause I will do just that. I will make a paper that will go with my picture.

This weeks sponsors is.....

Michelle will giving the winner 3 images of choice along with the 'winner's badge' for their blog.

Additionally, CJ will give the Top 3 a CowGirl Up Design image of choice along with the 'top 3 badge' for their blog.

What's in store for next Sunday's Stamp'em Challenge. A Halloween Hoe Down!! There will be Bog Hopping, candy and prizes. Plus my first card as part of the CowGirl Posse Team! Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tellen's Place Designs Let's Have Some Fun Challenge

Over at Crafter's Digital Art Center, is a group called Tellen's Place Designs. And Tellen is having a Let's Have Some Fun Challenge!! I loved this spring up card so much I used it again for this challenge. Yes, I promise to use a new Fancy Fold Monday. Tellen's little mouse girl is so cute. And I am promising to step out of my comfort zone and will be doing a scary design as well later this week. (I like cute Halloween...not scary Halloween). Hope you like.

Big Announcement!!!

I have been asked to join the Design no Let's get the lingo right!! I have been asked to join the Posse Team at CowGirl Up Designs!!!! I am so excited. ME!! Please be sure to mowzy on over and take a gander at all CJ has to offer and stop on by CowGirl Up Designs Sunday Stamp'em Challenges and see what this weeks challenge is. Look to see my first card on the 24th!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Phindy's Place Weekly Challenge

I am not going to lie. This week's challenge over at Phindy's Place Challenge Blog had scared me and I had planned on not doing it. But this morning I learned that Phindy's Place was part of a group called Paper Craft Planet which is a collect of groups that have their own challenges, chats, etc. I became a member of both PCP and PP and chatted with a wonderful group of ladies.

I don't recall who it was, but someone suggested I Google Fancy Folds and watch some videos and I just might be surprised at how easy Fancy Folded cards could be. Well, when I am wrong I admit it. And I was WRONG!! I made this card using Phindy's Miss Chrissy Tree, which I adore and what's called a spring card. It lays flat in and envelope and when you take it out it springs up.

Then I was reminded we can entered the challenge up to 3 times. :) Guess I am going to Google some more tomorrow...oppps later today :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

This that and the other thing

I have been in a funk. Creative and emotional. Well I am hoping if I pull myself out of the creative funk the emotional will come with it. I have projects here, there and everywhere today. I have part of a very special birthday card done...that won't appear on the blog till after the person receives it...sorry they are a blog follower. A dear friend sent the Thanksgiving Cart for my Cricut and there is an idea rolling around in my head for that. Then I have 2 challenges I am working on. Sooo let's hope the creativity gets to flowing and the rest of the funks work their way out too.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

365 Cards Day 224 Super Sketch

I was in a creative slump for the past couple of days. I didn't feel like creating anything. So this morning I got looking around at some of my favorite challenges and knew something would hit the spot and it did. This is the Super Sunday Sketch from 365 Cards. I am pretty pleased with it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Designed 2 Delight Challenge

I did these backwards this week. Did the Double Delightful Challenge before doing the Designed 2 Delight. I knew I wanted to make a card using this digi for a friend who's home I just learned was burned. She said there was $100K in damages and her 4 cats died in the fire. Thankfully no one was home. She is currently staying at a cottage at her church. And I know she can use all the prayers she can get. Wish I could do more than prayers but they will have to do.

This Weeks Double Delightful Challenge

I love these two challenges. Designed 2 Delight and Double Delightful. Faith from D2D makes wonderful digi's and holds a progressive challenge which are used in both challenges.

The first Friday of the month Faith gives a freebie. Make an item and link it to her site and the following Friday she will email you a new digi!! How sweet is that. Digi frees just for being using them!!

Then on Saturday over at Double Delightful, Kathy takes that same digi and adds a twist to the challenge. Yes, you must use that digi, but she adds something. This week you must use the colors blue and green. Easy Peasy!!

This card is going to a sweet lady who sent me a RAK gift on one of the groups I own. It was so sweet of her. The paper was given to me by a FreeCycle who had a stack of paper a good foot tall. My best friend, Dawn and I went through it and split it between us. So the paper took care of the blue. The green 'thanks' ribbon was in the RAK package from the person I am thanking. The card is also a pop-up card and the pop up says THANK YOU.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Double Delightful 2 Design

This week I did Double Delight Challenge. It was taking this weeks free file "two apples" and using it with a border punch. I came up with this book mark. My dear sweet daughter is in college and is always got her nose in a book, so I thought I would make her up a bunch of book marks, and this seemed the perfect one to get them started.

Two For Challenge

These 2 challenges just had to go together. Mojo Monday 159 using the Doodle Pantry Bass Fish for the Clearly Delightful Challenge.

Mojo Monday's Challenges are always sketches and I adore them. With Clearly Delightful this week we needed to use a Doodle Pantry design and ribbon. So here you have a card inspired by this week's Mojo Monday Sketch and a Doodle Pantry design. :)

Phindy's Challenge Card

Phindy's Challenge Blog is another great challenge I love doing. This week we needed to use one of Phindy's designs and I thought Miss Chrissy Tree was perfect for this one and we had to be inspired by Ann-Marije's Sketch. I LOVE sketches so this was no problem. I hope you like what I put together.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

365 Cards Day 217 Super Sketch

Love these challenges. I had originally colored the digi for another challenge at Phindy's Challenge Blog but when I saw this week's 365 Cards Super Sunday Sketch I knew this digi was made for that challenge. But don't be surprised if you see the same digi later this in Phindy's Challenge.

What a difference a day makes

No breathing issues today!! The med that I am allergric to is now out of my system and life is normal (well as normal as it gets for me) again.

I want thank everyone for their kind comments...Love you guys.

Thank you, Laurie, for the watermark. I am about to post a picture of a card for a challenge (not your challenge yet) and I used it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bad day

For those of you who don't know me, I have a list of ailments a country mile long. Just to hit the high lights...I have fibromyalgia, 2 newly replaced knees (went through hell to get here but they are doing well), degenerative disc disease with surgery for a herniation in 1989 (just went through 6 weeks of PT to help strengthen the back after being down for so long with the knees and by George it has helped), IBS, TMJ, and I could bore you for an hour or 2.

A year ago I was put on a med for high blood pressure. I ended up allergric to it. Dropped my b/p to 22/44 and shut my kidneys down. Well I had managed to keep the b/p down but it started back up again. So I was put on another pill. And I am allergric to it!! I am short of breathe and the kidneys started shutting down. Well I am drinking enough water to float a boat and the plumbing is working. Still short of breathe but looks like I might avoid PCU this go-round. I have to call the doc in the morning and let her know how I am. She is a sweetheart. I am not to talk to the nurse's line (answering machine). Front desk knows I am calling and will ask for the nurse who will get Colette to call me back in between her patients. I feel pretty lucky to have her in my corner. I only took 2 of these new pills. Called her office at 9:15 and was seen at 10. So it's back to the drawing board with the b/p pills.

To say the least, I chilled today and didn't get in the craft room. But as long as I am breathing tomorrow, well as long as she doesn't put me in the hospital for the shortness of breathe, I will be in the craft room in the morning.

See ya'll then

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I went and done it

Like the nice background!! I was trying to put a new background on my blog and well lost the old one and can't getit back nor the new one on. Soooo we be naked!! Oh no.

Another card for Designed to Delight

Wow this World Card Making Day has been fun. Designed 2 Delight had another challenge called Till MidNight. The card had to have the following colors...olive green, red, brown and cream, rounded corners and 1 button. Oh and of course a D2D design!! And this is the card I made

Stamping Scrapping Challenge Central – HALL-O-WEEEEEEN and a surprise! ;o)

Wow what a title huh? Ok from one friend's blog, I found this blog, Billie's Scrappetique and talk about Blog Candy!!! They have an awesome never ending card they are showing and then Blog Candy they are giving be sure to stop by. The picture shows some of what they are giving away.

Here is a Great Site

I happened upon this and it has a nice give away!! $25 gift card!! PaperCraft Star Stop on over and check it out.

World Card Making Day!!!

It's World Card Making Day!!! It has been a fun day. Did a couple more of those blog hops. Now that I am getting the hang of them, they are fun. Nice to see the ideas of others.

One that I want to mention is Delightful Inspirations. Faith starts the hop, and then you follow along with her DT. Collect letters along the way to spell out a code that gets you a free Dollar Delight of your choice...and there is a freebie already picked out for you long the way too. Fun Fun!!! I made a card today and of course it was for Delightful Inspirations free digi of the month. This is cool. Faith gives you a free digi of the month, you make a card, link it on her page and she will mail you a new digi on Friday. And on and on it goes. New month, new digi. Two Apples. I put it together with some of my other D2D designs and came up with this fun card.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Thanksgiving Card

This is for 2 challenges.

First and foremost is my favorite. Designed2Delight World Card Making Day Challenge #1. I love this digi. It is prefect for Thanksgiving cards and I have used it several times.

And this is my first entry in Mojo Monday (158). When I saw this challenge, it had this digi written all over it. But I just couldn't get on board with a round or square card but the basic idea is there.

Heading to the Weekend

And what a weekend it is!! Challenges. blog hops, fun, prizes and more.

Where to begin. Ok Blog hop...since I have it done. Crafter's Digital Art Center is having a blog hop. I think there are 22 blogs!! I hopped them all this morning. These are showcasing some great Digital Designers. Be sure to do what I did...get the email answered, the phone calls returned, lock the door and settle down with your favorite beverage (water here these days), lock the door and have at it. It takes a little time to get through them all but it is well worth it. Most all blogs have their own prizes going on and then there are the biggies to win if you visit (and comment on) all the blogs.

Tomorrow is World Card Making Day...lots of challenges going on with that!! So see more from me later. Hugs to all