Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I showed you the card earlier from the progressive challenge at Delightful Inspirations. That challenge starts on Friday. On Saturday is Double Delight which takes the image from Delightful Inspirations and gives a twist to it. This week it is Pink.

This isn't really a card. This is going to be a wall hanging...but might be only part of it. As you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness. What you might not know there has been a lot of cancer in my family. It start back in the 1960s with my grandmother who had breast cancer. I have every few memories of her not being in bed. Most of my memories are of her in a hospital bed in what used to be the dining room. She died in 1970.

My grandparents had 6 children. Five of them have had cancer. Four have died from it. Three were lung cancer. One uncle hadn't smoken in 43 years. One uncle had a growth on his neck. They went to remove it, and found it was a huge lymph node full of cancer. They never were able to determine where the cancer started at. The lone cancer survivor is my dad. He has had prostrate cancer. One aunt, to my knowledge, (I will know more when I get my yearly Christmas card update from the one family member who talks to me) is cancer free. So this wall hanging is my reminder I need to get fit.

Ten years ago November 1st, I had a hysterectomy for poly-cystic ovaries and endmetrosis. When they did tested the tissue, they found per-canerous tissue...may never became anything or could have...never know.

As some know, I lost my best friend this week. Oh she is still alive and well. We both said some very hurtfully things to each other. Things I don't think I can ever forgive. Maybe someday. So the "hope" on this isn't only the Hope of the pink breast cancer awareness, it is hope for my future. Hope for peace in my heart. Hope that the pain will ease up. Hope. Can't say much more than HOPE


  1. What a lovely card - great job with the sketch! Thanks for playing at Designed to Delight!

  2. Chris, this is so beautiful. Congratulations on making the Cowgirl Up DT!
    I'm sorry about your friend--I'm praying for you.

    Lots of Cricky Hugs,

    PS Where are all those Thanskgiving projects girlfriend!

  3. What a beautiful project! Thanks for sharing your hope card.
    Hugs, Kathie xx