Monday, September 27, 2010

Nana Vickie Quickie

Say Nana Vickie Quickies 3 times fast. Hope you can...I can't. Any ways, I loved this little guy. He made the perfect Thanksgiving card. I think this guy will be in my box of to be used cards as well. He is also fits in the 365 Cards Day 210 Sketchy Sunday. Yes, I planned it that way. :)

Phindy's Place Challenge

PhiLinkndy's Place has a weekly challenge, too. This week we needed to make a Thank you card using our favorite digi. I just dig these 2 little guys. I have used them on birthday cards but never thought aobut a thank you card with them. These guys will be joining my box of cards to use when the need comes about. He also fits Mojo Monday's September 20, 2010 Sketch but I was too late getting him entered.

Delightful Inspirations Challenge

Another Challenge another great card. With Delightful Inspirations you are given a free digi the first Friday of the month. Make a card, link it to them, and when you wake up the next Friday, you ahve a new digi in your inbox. How cool is that!!

This week we were given a lovely digi of a cross with flowers called Peace and Comfort. This card will be staying in my box of completed cards that only need the inside personalized when the card is needed. I am pleased at the way this turned out.

Tellan's Place Challenge

As you know I am all about the challenges these days. The end product comes from somewhere deep inside you, cause you have to THINK about how it is gonna all come together.

First up is Tellan's Place Designs from Crafter's Digital Art Center (which I love!) In this challenge we needed to use the cheerleader digi and flowers. The card I made is also a pop-up Happy Birthday card. This card will be joining the others I have made for the Girl Scout Charity Craft Show. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Halloween

I have all my Halloween cards done but this little Scaredy Cat was just to cute to pass by. He is from Delightful Inspirations. I love the challenge they have there. They give you a digi. Make a card and post a link from here to there and then back again before midnight Thursday and you get a new digi mailed to you Friday morning. How cool is that!!! They also have a Double Delightful Challenge on Saturdays. I had already colored this little guy and had glitter on it. This weeks DoubleD2D was for Operation Write Home and cant have glitter on him, so he will be going to a craft fair that a Girl Scout is having to raise money for the food bank. :) So he should find lots of love

Butterflies and Daisies.

I was given the Gerber Daisies for a challenge on Crafter's Digital Art Center for Vickie's Quickie. It was a fun challenge. I love the way I did the daisies. Simply colored pencils and an easer.

I am also entering this card on 365 Days A Happy Heart Day 201

Hope to do at least one more card today

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crafter's Digital Art Center Skrtch Challenge

I think I have said this before, but if I didn't...I love these challenges. They sketch challenges have to be my favorite!! This challenge is from the Crafter's Digital Art Center. The cardinal has been pop-dotted so he looks as if he is really looking into the window. I think one of the pictures show the pop-dotted look better
This is another card I just adore.

The cards that I am making for these challenges don't have sentiments in them yet. When I make my list as to who I will be sending cards to, I will go through what I have made, choose one and then I will personalize the sentiment.

Delightful Inspiration Challenge

Here is this week's Delightful Inspiration Challenge. Not sure if you can see the Stickles glitter but the thread is done in Lime Green and the needle is with the Silver Stickles.
This challenge came at just the right time. Here is why...

As you may know, Larry and I bowl 2 nights a week. On our league we have a Delightful (I worked that right in there, didn't I) elderly couple...they are in their 80's. They own a print shop, which is now run basically by their children now. I was talking to them about cardstock. And the next time we bowled, they gave me a box (7 inches tall) of white cardstock. It was Sew Beary Kind of them. They should have received it by now, and look forward to what they have to say Sunday night.

Ohhhh by the way...I wish I could bowl as well as them when I am in my 80's...heck I wish I bowled as good as they do NOW!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another challenge card

This one took some work but I love it!!! This is the first time I have used a Mojo Sketch. I love it. Makes you really think things out.
This challenge is from GayLou At Crafter's Digital Art Center Please stop by and see all the great artists who share their digi's and talent.
I finished the card and went back to make sure I had everything the challenge required and found I was missing something blue. So I added the blue Butterfly.
I have also put this card in the 365 Cards Day 197 Country Charm Challenge

Phindy's Place Going Green Challenge

I am really liking these challenges. This challenge is from Phindy's Place Challenge...Going Green. We could use whatever going green means to us, using one of Phindy's Digi Stamp. I had purchased this stamp back in April for a friend's son's birthday. But going green meant grass stains. I was stumped as to what wording I needed and thanks Sher for the great idea.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another post for today

I had made this card as a second entry to last week's challenge at But I couldn't get the memory card from my camera to upload the pictures to my laptop. I found the cord today...Thank goodness. It was a quirky thought I had in the middle of the night. I learned along time ago to keep paper and pen on the bedside stand so in the morning I will remember those midnight thoughts. Where do you put a wreath? On the front this is the result.

My scrap room!!

I have a bit more of my craft room back so I thought I would take some pictures. Well since then I gained even more back!! Less storage junk=more room for crafting. :) Here are some pictures I took 2 days ago. There is now our old kitchen table in the room so I am setting that up for where I do my stamping and coloring. I am pretty pleased it is coming along. Next step is curtains for the window.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2 bad days in a row

For 2 days I have been trying to cut out one card. Just one from Fall Pop Ups. It added an extra if the blade wasn't picking up when it went from the lower line of words to the upper. I said ok, lets go see if this is happening with the Premuim Pop Up cards from SVGCuts. And it happened there too. So I have been emailing Leo back and forth. It is now down to us matching our schedules so we can do phone/remote support.

So I figured I would cut out the base card. Said the right size on the preview but cut it much bigger. So I changed the preferences from Adobe to Inkscape and now they are too small. So now I am emailing Todd from CraftEdge

As you know when I have a bad day it is bad. The laptop isn't finding the memory card from my camera. So I am sure I have lost some drivers somewhere along the line. I will have to either find them or find the USB cord, which I have no idea where it is at.

Then lets top it all off. We are bowling on a new league tonight with a new team. Larry, me, and 2 people we don't know. Larry was suppose to be done work at 5. Plenty of time to get home, change and go bowl (we live 5 blocks from the bowling alley). Well he now has to work late. So it is me and 2 people I don't know. We will have to add Larry blind. Job job. Well I am off to shower and get ready to go. Let's pray the rest of the night goes better.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

KAndrews blog Candy give away

As I have mentioned before, I love KAndrews files. She includes assembly directions that make things so easy. Well she is having a Halloween Challenge and I have entered my Halloween wreath. She will choose a winner on September 16th, so there is still time to join in. You can use any Halloween cart or any of her Halloween files. Hope to see your project in the challenge!!

Digi-Stamp Fall Wreath Challenge

As y'all may know, I haven't done challenges in the past. Well I have found a couple I have had fun with. Yesterday you saw the second challenge I have done at

Today I have completed a challenge at This is a fall wreath that I just love. It was a fun card to make. Here is how the challenge works. You do the first challenge of the month (still time to get in on it) and link it to the D2D page. Then you are sent an email with the next digi-stamp. Repeat and the next one is emailed to you. It is so fun to see what others did with the same digi!! I can't wait to see what the new digi will be.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Halloween Wreath

Every now and again I have been making Halloween items to make a wreath. Well here she is. The mouse, Best Witches and the Witch are from are from She has the best files. She includes an assembly sheet so it is easy to put together. No frustration trying to figure out what goes where and the instructations are due by color so you can cut all of the same colors at once. The rest of the files I found on the internet and don't recall who or where so if you see your file, please let me know. Only thing left to do is add the bow...which I forgot to do before I took pictures. :)

Happy Halloween