Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2 bad days in a row

For 2 days I have been trying to cut out one card. Just one from Fall Pop Ups. It added an extra if the blade wasn't picking up when it went from the lower line of words to the upper. I said ok, lets go see if this is happening with the Premuim Pop Up cards from SVGCuts. And it happened there too. So I have been emailing Leo back and forth. It is now down to us matching our schedules so we can do phone/remote support.

So I figured I would cut out the base card. Said the right size on the preview but cut it much bigger. So I changed the preferences from Adobe to Inkscape and now they are too small. So now I am emailing Todd from CraftEdge

As you know when I have a bad day it is bad. The laptop isn't finding the memory card from my camera. So I am sure I have lost some drivers somewhere along the line. I will have to either find them or find the USB cord, which I have no idea where it is at.

Then lets top it all off. We are bowling on a new league tonight with a new team. Larry, me, and 2 people we don't know. Larry was suppose to be done work at 5. Plenty of time to get home, change and go bowl (we live 5 blocks from the bowling alley). Well he now has to work late. So it is me and 2 people I don't know. We will have to add Larry blind. Job job. Well I am off to shower and get ready to go. Let's pray the rest of the night goes better.

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