Friday, February 11, 2011

New Challenge New Rules Precious Moments

This is Freebie Friday.
Not all Friday's are Freebies.
We are offering Precious Moments, for Free

from 12:01 AM EST February 11, 2011 to
12:00 AM EST February 12, 2011.
After which time, we will remove it from this blog,
and you can purchase it from
NettieG's Digital Gems Store.

Precious Moments

NettieG drew this image as a tribute to her mom.

I asked NettieG to tell me about her and these words are from NettieG...

Mom was all heart. She had a sweet, gentle spirit, and it showed in her relationships to others. She loved reading to children, and if there was no book available, she would sit in her rocking chair and recite children's rhymes in her soft sing-song voice. Children never complained, and they would sit quietly or repeating or joining her recitation of their favorite ones.I had never heard her sing, and one day after she put a sleeping child down for a nap, I asked her, why?Her response to me was,"I cannot carry a tune in a tin bucket." I asked her why on earth would she say that.She said when she was a half grown girl, she was singing, and someone told her she shouldn't sing because she couldn't carry a tune in a tin bucket. She said she had never sang aloud since. But, she continued and told me,"One day, I will sing, and I know I will have a beautiful voice." I know that is true, beyond a doubt. I can hardly wait to hear her sing her praises to God and Jesus.

This challenge will run 2 weeks, ending

Thursday, February 24, 2011 11:59 PM EST
Here is my card...

Lead Designer
Hugs, love and prayers

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