Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Craft room

Slowly my craft room is getting a bit of a re-do. 

Larry is in the process of making my Stickle holder for me.  There will be 5 shelves and each shelf will hold 10 bottles.  I know there are 42 colors of regular Stickles and the plan was 6 shelves of 7, or 7 shelves of 6, or 2 shelves of 21.  BUT than I was given a bottle of Distress Stickles, making 43.  Through that idea right out the window.  So hubby said 5 shelves of 10...then I will have room for more.

The embellishment boxes will be moved and the Stickle shelves will go in their place.  The boxes will be moved to where I have hung cards and pictures. 

In addition to this, Larry is going to put a board on top of my 3 drawer cart.  I store stuff on top of it and it being plastic it bows down making it hard to close the drawers. 

And finally I am hoping to give the room a nice spring cleaning cause it is overdue.  Once everything is done and settled, I will take pictures to share with everyone. 

Hugs, love and prayers

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  1. Sounds VERY interesting and organized!! Look fwd to seeing some pics!