Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why haven't I been in the craft room?

I was asked this morning why haven't been posting a lot of creations?  Well I haven't spent much time in the craft room.  Why?  Well with a granddaughter on the way, I have been crocheting.  My son, TJ, will be having a daughter in June.  Now this is something I haven't done in.  I did one sweater and it might have fit a small premie.  I thought dear Lord, what have I done.  After speaking to a couple of others, the pattern is by design small.  I thought thank goodness it wasn't me. 

So I found a new pattern...for a 6 month old baby.  Within a couple of days, I should have it done and will share pictures. 

I still have to make a newborn sweater and found some really GREAT sites with free patterns. 

My daughter, Kelly, called me the other night and said mom remember how you use to crochet baby blankets and sweaters?  Well her other half brother, Joe, will be having a daughter in August.  So it was "mom, can you please make something for Joe's baby, too?" 

So Grammy will be spending a lot of time crocheting.  :)


  1. Oh, that is awesome! Congrats granny! I crochet for my grandkids too but mostly make toys. It's so fun to see them playing with them. Looking forward to seeing your completed projects!

  2. How exciting.Congrats to you and daughter.I would love to learn.Cant wait to see what you created.