Friday, January 3, 2014

Kelly and Shane's Wedding Invitations

As you may know, my daughter, Kelly, is marrying her high school sweetheart, Shane, on May 17, 2014.  I am making their wedding invitations.  All 300 of them.  My goal is to have them in done by mid-January.

I am gonna keep this at the top between now and then.  At the bottom you will see my goals for each day.  Hopefully I can keep them...and maybe even beat them. 

This is one of the 2 samples....somethings are being changed.

This is the front...
The paper is purple and the final invitations will be a bit darker purple.  I was able to get the darker purple on sale.

This is the inside...
This is with the invitation taped into place and the RSVP card in the pocket...

The bottom is a little pocket for the RSVP card, directions, local hotels, and where they are registered at will go in there.  It will have the black lettering on the RSVP card and the reception time has been added.

This is the back....

The butterflies and tag were my original idea but I didn't like the way it looked.  It would have been the front of the card...a regular card...not the folder type thing we settled on.  I had sent this to Kelly with the other samples I did.  She and Shane love it and wanted it on the invitation.  :(  I shouldn't have sent it with the samples I sent.  Oh well as long as they like it, its ok.  I still think something needs to go around the edge, but haven't decided what yet.


  1. WOW--Good luck--invites are beautiful.

  2. so pretty! I will do your change in the morning, Chris. a wonderful idea to have a schedule like that! hugs, de