Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lollipop Garden

It's getting to be Valentine's Day.

Another holiday of gift giving.  
Around here gifts are hand crafted.  

This is the Lollipop Garden 
and I made 9 of them.
Why nine?
Kylie-granddaughter (who is a bit to young for lollipops but it can be re-used)
Katie-step daughter
Mike-stepdaughter's boyfriend
Shane-daughter's boyfriend
Kevin-step son
and the biggest kid of them all..
Larry-my hubby.

This is a file from SVG Cuts and was cut on my Cricut.
I love these!!

I did them in different colors...the guys are all blue.
Kelly and Kylie's are pink.  
Katie's is red...her favorite color.
And Lisa's is purple.  
The ribbons match the color of the box in the garden that holds the lollipops.

Such a fun project...but I am glad they are done.

Be sure to check back...
you never know what Granny is gonna make next.  :)


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  1. Super cute!!! Love the Boy/Girl colors!! Great job!