Thursday, December 9, 2010

GlitterBabe and Pizzazz Aplenty

Today I am a Guest Design Team Member for GlitterBabe and come January I will be full time Design Team Member, and I am so excited. Have you seen Stef's images? If not, you should. And as the name says everything has glitter. Remember me, the Glitter Queen a while back. Everything I made had glitter on it...what a match made in heaven. Now ya'll can just guess where I found Stef. Crafter's Digital Art Center, of course.

Today's challenge. A Christmas card with no red and no green. Do you have any idea how hard that is?? Take a look at this SnowMan. Isn't he cute? Well he had holly on his hat. I fixed that!! Thanks to this week's sponsor, Pizzazz Aplenty, I put 3 silver rhinestones where the holly rid of the red and green!! Aren't the reindeer cute!!! They, too, are from Pizzazz Aplenty. Paper is from Michaels and of course there is glitter around they picture and in the buckle on the hat.

I want to take a moment and tell you all about Judy at Pizzazz Aplenty. Customer service is GREAT. I placed an order, she had it out the next day, emailed me with the delivery confirmation number. When I got it I was amazed at how well packaged everything was. From now on, I am buying my bling and pizzazz from the comfort of my craft room and not the craft store!!!

Hope you liked my card. See ya'll soon!


  1. oh you can never go wrong with purple for xmas! this is absolutely divine! and all that bling!!!! i'm lovin' it!

    hugs :)

  2. Hi Chris,
    How creative of you to cover the holly with rhinestones. The card is soooo cute, and I love your use of the reindeer across the bottom.
    Big Hugs XXXX
    P.S. You made my day.... I love a satisfied customer!!!