Thursday, December 2, 2010

NettieG's First Challenge

It's Thursday and it's NettieG's first challenge. NettieG is a sweet lady who has been an artist for years and she has just recently went digital. She is one of the newest artists at Crafter's Digital Art Center. (See new stuff happening over there all the time...if you aren't a member, you need to be).

On to the challenge...NettieG's Digital Gems Blog very first challenge. NettieG is sharing this free image which has been a family favorite since 1990!! The challenge is, brown and purple (which is NettieG's favorite color!!). Being that is December I was stuck on this being a Christmas image and I thought blue and purple aren't Christmas colors. How on earth am I going to make this work??? So I worked up 2 at the same in the blue, purple and brown and the other in grey, red and brown, which is what NettieG said she was trying so hard not to say. Well I couldn't get it out of my head. In the end, even as a Christmas card, I love the blue and purple. But you should use Candy's spin on it. Not a Christmas card!! And I can see myself using it as she did.

Now if you love this image...which how can you not? sure to stop by NettieG's Store and check out all her images. And since the image we used in our cards is FREE (gotta love them freebies) I wanna see your cards in the challenge!!!

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