Thursday, December 2, 2010

Light Box

A while back I was chatting with some friends over on Crafter's Digital Art Center (have I told you lately how much I love CDAC) how pictures of our cards don't look as good as the cards do IRL (in real life). Well the talk then turned to cameras and light boxes and a website was given on how to make an inexpensive light box. It looked fairly easy and I know my dear sweet hubby could put something together like this, so I mentioned it to him. He said, sure, as long as he had the directions. So off I went, pulled the site up, hit print, stapled it and put it by his chair to read. He said it wouldn't be a problem. Of course small pushes were needed, but he did it. Here is the picture.

Told I share my room with storage. LOL. The most expensive part is the clamp light. All of $7. Box was free. Larry gave up a white T-shirt...such a sweetie. The display easel is from the dollar store. The had 4 and I couldn't make up my mind, so Larry said just take all 4 will ya. Ok no problem. LOL.

This is the first picture I took using the light box...then realized I needed to take care of the inside of the box.

There is a better picture after putting the white paper on the inside of the box. Of course I was off center, but I needed to get going and I still have a few things I am need to work out. But even at this, the pictures are much better. I hope I have inspired you! If I can do this, so can you.


  1. This is absolutely fabulous girl!

  2. Way to go! Looks great! And what professional photos you will be able to take!

  3. YAY it looks great.. he did a great job. I love that clamp light idea.. will have to look into getting one of those.

    I always have to crop my pics afterward to so you can't see the side of the box.

  4. What a sweet thing for your hubby to do! I'm glad you got your light box and the card is great!!!