Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jubilee and Me....our first ride

Well it was a cold cold cold day...high of 29.  But that didn't stop me from riding.  Jubilee and I did a trail ride.  Here are some pictures.

We did well except Jubilee didn't want to get her hooves wet.  We got to the creek and she just didn't want cross it.  It took a couple of tries but she did cross it.  Once we crossed it the first time she had no issues coming back across it later. 

It is suppose to be warmer tomorrow and Larry has the day off.  So I get to ride again.  I think we are going to ride in the ring tomorrow.   Can't wait!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing photos of you and your "best bud"! She looks so gentle, and you look very happy, Chris! It's the perfect match! hugs, de