Friday, November 22, 2013 new horse

I have been going to Slocum's Appaloosa Ranch since September of this year.  As a teenager, I love riding horses.  As an overweight adult, I never thought I would ever ride horses again.  Well as luck would have it, we for the Ranch to ride at.  After we had ridden 4 times, the owner asked Larry what he did for a living.  Well he is a mechanic.  She said oh...would you like to barter some services.  She had a truck with a blown head gasket and another that needed a new engine.  So the result of that work is my new horse.  Jubilee.  So not only am I riding again but that 13 year old teenager I used to be finally got herself a horse.  Only took me 38 years to get here. 

I will be at the Ranch again Sunday and will get pictures of me riding her.  She is young...she will be 4 January 13, 2014.  So she still has about 3 years of growing to do.  She was born in a snow storm.  They thought about naming her Snowflake...and I am so glad they didn't.  Jubilee fits her so well. 

She is broke but still a little green so there won't be any long trail rides yet.  But she can go on the baby trail.  But with it being so cold Sunday (high of 35) I will just ride her in the ring. 

She is a Paintaloosa....Paint horse and Appaloosa...and both her parents have work horse in them.  So she will be a big girl. 

I will post more pictures Monday!!

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