Sunday, November 7, 2010

365 days Day 250 Challenge Combo

365 Cards is such a great way to up your skills not only are they making you think to do a challenge...they throw days in like Day 250 which is a Challenge Combo. I had to take a challenge from August, September and October and combine them into one card. Wow that took some thinking.

So...August 8 Day 161 Sketch

Septemeber 21 Day 205 Scent of something you love...Its Christmas and it's Pine trees. Have them in the background paper and have them in the color of the sketch.

October 21 Day 235 Pick 3. I thought this would be easy. I would put 3 bows, 3 brads, easy peasy right. Well as I was coloring the digi, I realized most of the holly berries are in groups of 3. So I went a more suttle route on the 3's.

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