Saturday, November 6, 2010

Things to come....

I think I have been going non-stop for days now and you know what...I am loving it. I feel like a normal person again. I am involved in so many things right now.

Challenges Challenges and more Challenges. I think I am going to make my goal. My goal for the week was to make a complete week of challenge cards at 365 Cards and I am real close to making it.

Crafter's Digital Art Center!! We are planning a celebration 4000 members and I think that celebration will be real soon. If you look down the right side bar, you will see some new buttons, that is all from work we have done on the Dream Team. More changes are in the works and wait to see you what is going to happen we celebrate 5000 members!!!!

It is so nice to be talking with all these great artists, and designers. The technquies and tips I have learned from them are priceless. Many of them I am getting to know on a personal cool is that!! Well I need to finish some cards..check back cause I will be posting cards soon :)

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