Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sugar Our African Grey

Over on Crafter's Digital Art Center we were chatting about pets and of course I had to talk about Sugar. (oh did I tell you about the great friendships you find over on CDAC...we have a ball chatting about this and that) Sugar is an African Grey who loves my hubby and hates me. She was given to us 3 years ago. She was owned by 2 guys, when they broke up one of them got custody of Sugar and he went from working at home to working 2 jobs out of the home and Sugar started plucking her feathers. This is actually common in birds when they are stressed, sick, or just bored. The owner thought Sugar would do better in a home where someone was home all the time. Well I am home all the time but she just doesn't like me. But boy she loves Larry as you can see by this picture. She never did give up feather plucking. Her chest is bare as well as the top of wings and she will rip out her wing feathers. Many times once they start plucking it becomes habit and that is what the vet feels Sugar has done.


  1. Sugar is gorgeous!!! I love that her tail is a different colour. Sorry that she doesn't like you; I don't understand that since you are such a wonderful person! :)

  2. Sugar is just beautiful, Chris!!