Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crafter's Digital Art Center Free Digi Challenge

One last challenge at Crafter's Digital Art Center. This one is the Free Digi Challenge. Yeap you read it right...FREE digi. And it is even better, there are several free digis to choose from. This is my favorite. Chuck Sledding for Guylou's Inimitabitily. The paper was so fitting. In front of the sled G (as we lovely call Guylou) had droplets of snow flying up in front of the sled. Well it was so hard not to color them when coloring the sled, so I took my glitter snow (not that it glitters much) and put there...problem solved....opps I meant to say embellishment added. Then I added some snowflakes I cut with the Cricut and Stickled them. Now how cute is this!!!


  1. Loooooove it!! I had the same issue when I coloured the sled the first time. I used Stickles to cover my mistake, ugh I meant embellish my card! LOL!!!
    Your card is awesomely beautiful!!!

  2. Great job, girl. I love the flying snow!

  3. this looks great! Love the embellishment suggestion.

  4. Your flying glitter snow looks great! I wouldn't have known it was to cover a boo boo if you hadn't said so... Great coloring and paper. Did you add those snowflakes or are they a part of the paper?